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The best veterinarian care for your valued family member – your pet!


Need a professional & caring veterinarian?


That’s where we come in.

We’re experienced vets based in Ottawa, ON. You and your pet will be glad you’ve chosen us for your pet’s medical and wellness needs! Call us NOW!

Due to social distancing requirements, you may be asked to wait in your car and communicate with us by phone. Safety requirements to follow:

  1. Upon arrival to our animal facility, please remain in your vehicle and give us a call at 613-590-0466. One of our staff members will assist you.
  2. Please ensure your pet is secured – either on a leash or in a carrier.
  3. Triage will be done inside the hospital. One of our veterinarian technicians will communicate with you in our parking lot.
  4. The vet may communicate with clients by phone if you have any concerns.
  5. Payments can be taken over by the phone.


We appreciate your patience in this matter as we are doing our best to be here for your pets during this time of crisis.

Welcome to Blackburn Animal Hospital in Ottawa


If you need a trusted veterinarian to care for your pets and you live in Ottawa or the surrounding area – simply call on us.

Our professional team and animal doctor cater to all types of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, exotic pets, and more! We do everything we possibly can to provide your animals the care they deserve. Our care and service will demonstrate that your pet’s health and well being are very important to us.

Blackburn Animal Hospital is not only limited to emergency services, we are a full-service animal clinic and welcome both emergency treatment cases as well as pet patients in need of routine medical, surgical, pet grooming, dental care, and more!


If you searched “animal hospital near me”, you’ve come to the right place!


Our Ottawa vet hospital has years of experience with everything from performing emergency surgery to pet grooming. Besides offering expert pet care services, we make our animal hospital welcoming, kid-friendly, and relaxed, so your pet can stay as calm as possible in the waiting room before meeting our Ottawa veterinarian.

Prevention is important in keeping your pet healthy… so they don’t have to see us so often (even though we love seeing them!). Therefore, we offer wellness visits and information that will allow you to learn how to take the best possible care of your pets. The most crucial aspect of veterinary care for animals is ongoing nutrition and problem prevention, so becoming knowledgeable about preventative pet care is vital to the ongoing success of your animal’s health.

Should you have any questions, call 613-590-0466  or email us and we’ll get back to you. Our Ottawa vet office is very easy to get to — and you can find directions on our Contact Us page!

At Blackburn Animal Hospital, we understand that a pet is a valued family member, so that’s how we treat them.

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By following our veterinarian’s wellness recommendations and bringing your pet in for regular exams and vaccinations at our Ottawa veterinarian hospital – your pet will have the best chance for ultimate health…


Substantial deviations in your pet’s health can happen in a short time period especially since pets age far faster than people. Our vets’ recommendations provide a chance to diagnose diseases and conditions early on, while they’re easier to treat or manage. Often, we can help prevent diseases entirely, just by ensuring that your pet has received appropriate vaccinations and preventives. When it comes to vaccines at the Blackburn Animal Hospital, we might ask questions pertaining to your pet’s lifestyle, habits, age, etc. Our veterinarian might ask: Is your dog an urban warrior, or a rural free spirit? What about your cat, a homebody, or a social butterfly? During your pet’s examination we will find out about you and your pet’s lifestyle and will discuss our best recommendation to keep them healthy. We also offer vaccine titres for those owners who prefer to check antibody levels prior to vaccinating.

As pet doctors, we generally recommend that healthy animals visit us once a year. Puppies, kittens, senior pets, and pets with health issues or illnesses need more frequent checkups. We’ll work with you to create a wellness program, including a vaccination and prevention protocol, for your pet.

So, if you’re searching on Google for “vets near me” – look no further than us! Call us today to schedule your pet’s wellness exam.

We believe all pets need annual physical examinations as many diseases and problems can go undetected by owners.


Animals need dental care just as much as our Ottawa vet do. Our state-of-the-art Dental X-ray machine, and ultrasonic cleaning instruments provide the most comprehensive treatment for your pet.


Many animals, as they advance in age, develop a layer of plaque on their teeth. This hardens in combination with minerals present in saliva to become a solid layer over the tooth called calculus or tartar. Bacteria are present in both plaque and tartar and they produce enzymes, which lead to inflammation of the surrounding gums – gingivitis.

Blackburn animal hospital offers this service!

Here are reasons why dental care is really important and

  1. A pet that has healthy teeth means a pet with better breath!
  2. Dental disease can lead to problems with your pet’s vital organs, such as the heart.
  3. Retained baby teeth can cause problems in pets too!Fun facts: full grown dogs have 42 teeth and full-grown cats have 30 teeth… their baby teeth have to fall out before their adult teeth grow in. Sometimes, not all of the baby teeth come out easily which leads to problems like gum irritation and tartar buildup.
  4. The health of your pet’s teeth can save you loads of money over the long term and prevent other health problems,
  5. you take care of your teeth daily so why wouldn’t your pet?
  6. Sad fact: 80% of dogs over the age of 3 years have some sort of periodontal disease.It can be caused by the buildup of plaque, so it’s important to go see your local Ottawa vet for regular dental checkups and cleanings.
  7. Pets that don’t get dental care can lose their teeth and be in tremendous pain– this can be terribly painful and cause serious health problems.
  8. Your pets can be very good at hiding pain – you might never know that your pet has a serious dental problem until it’s very advanced.This is yet another reason it’s important to take your pet in to see a veterinary doctor for regular dental checkups.
  9. Teeth wear and tear!Your pets are often tough on their teeth. Learn the symptoms to keep your pet from experiencing the pain of severely worn teeth.

Our Ottawa animal hospital provides this service! So, give us a call!



Unlike us humans, our pets can’t communicate the symptoms they may be experiencing. At Blackburn Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer essential animal diagnostic services in our Ottawa facility.


No need to send your pet to a special lab when you have it all right here. Our goal as a veterinarian team is to make diagnostic imaging convenient, relaxed as possible, and accessible for your valued family member – your pet. Our very own Ottawa animal hospital laboratory is equipped with the latest technology to help our veterinarian make precise diagnoses and determine the most effective treatment plan for your pet. Whether your pet needs an X-ray, Ultrasound, Hematology or laboratory service we have it here on site.

If you’re searching for “vets near me” you can rely on our caring vets are here to provide the very best care possible when it comes to your pet’s wellness and health. We recognize how frightening it can be when your pet is displaying signs of pain, or exhibiting unusual behavior, which are cause for concern. At Blackburn Animal Center, we employ our diagnostic technology to scope out the cause of your pet’s symptoms. We have the ability to screen and test for a wide variety of illnesses, health conditions, and injuries affecting your pet’s health and wellness. Our veterinarian strives to provide exceptional, timely, and precise diagnostic services delivered with the maximum care, empathy, and diligence.



Our veterinarian uses Laser therapy on animals for beneficial reasons. The laser we use is an FDA-approved technique that uses photo-bio-modulation reduces inflammation and accelerates the body’s natural healing process.


Many clients bring their pet to our Ottawa Animal Hospital for Laser therapy since it effectively treats their pet’s acute pain, chronic conditions, and post-operative pain. This type of therapy laser is not the same as a cutting laser used for surgery.

It was almost 40 years ago when the beneficial effects of laser light on tissue were first recognized. Since that time, there have been countless studies authenticating the positive effects laser light has on different types of cells, tissue, and disorders. Recent advances in technology and manufacturing have made it possible to have this exciting modality available and affordable for clinicians.

Our expert vet have seen the benefits first hand and we highly recommend this service! Call Blackburn Animal Hospital now to set up an appointment.


For some of us, a single brushing of our pet’s teeth or fur is enough for the whole month. Countless pet owners may hold on to the misconception that pet grooming is something that is simply not needed.


In fact, it’s not true at all. It’s unquestionably necessary to have a dog grooming or pet grooming regularly to ensure that they are healthy and clean. Pet primping is important for everyone in the house, and most of all for your pet.

When our Ottawa vet performs a regular pet grooming, we prevent mats, ticks, fleas, shedding, and stop other severe health conditions developing that you may have had no idea about. It’s not too late, bring your fluff ball to us and we’ll take it from there.

As a veterinary team, we feel it’s important to inform our clients and the community about the importance of regular pet grooming.


Our emergency veterinary doctor and team consist of highly experienced professionals that together bring a diverse skill set to our animal hospital in Ottawa. If you need pet emergency services come see us – no appointment required!


The intensive care doctor and the emergency veterinarian ensure that an experienced team of animal doctors is always ready and available to provide specialized care for your pet right when you need it most.

  • No appointment required for emergency services
  • Park right in front of the reception
  • Your pet is immediately taken to our triage area where vital signs and critical assessment is accomplished. The emergency vet will then direct you on next steps.

When it comes to your pet having surgery whether it’s an emergency or not…

he or she will be treated with the utmost care at Blackburn Animal Hospital. Our team has many years experience performing a wide range of surgical procedures. Anesthesia and pain-management comprise an important part of our surgical protocols.

During surgery, a trained veterinary technician monitors your pet and keeps close watch on his or her vital signs. Advanced monitoring equipment also is used to monitor your pet’s condition. During surgery, your pet’s safety is our first priority.





Is it required that I bring my pet in to see a veterinarian for a yearly comprehensive exam?

Examinations are recommended at the VERY least once per year to check for any health problems that may not be noticeable to owners right away. During an examination our Ottawa veterinarians will examine your pet’s eyes, ears, skin and hair coat, listen to their heart, and go over any concerns you might have.

What cat and dog food brands are best?

There are several great brands out there for your pet. The brands we suggest to clients are based on years of results and also healthy pets. It is recommended that they are fed premium food like Purina, Science Diet, Iams and Eukanuba. Sometimes, prescription diets are required based on a pet’s specific needs. Our Veterinarians will make these recommendations when necessary.

When do I switch from puppy/kitten food to adult food?

If a puppy or kitten witch to adult food too early it can cause obesity and other issues. Our vets recommend switching to adult dog or cat food between 10-12 months.

Should I declaw my cat?

While our animal hospital does not promote declawing, we do realize and respect that there are certain times and situations that declawing may be absolutely necessary for the health and safety of the cat and family. In order to ensure the best possible outcome, we keep the fuzz ball overnight for observation, and provide effective pain control to keep them as comfortable as we can.

What types of animals do you see?

Blackburn Animal Center welcomes all breeds of cats and dogs, rabbits, exotic animals, and pocket pets. Just tell us what type of pet you have and we will do our best to accommodate!

Do I need an appointment for my pet to see a veterinarian?

We usually see patients by appointment. Walk-in appointments are welcome, but our team of veterinarians kindly asks that you wait until a time becomes available. Emergencies take priority, although a call ahead of time is appreciated to ensure we are prepared to attend to your pet’s needs right away.

Can veterinarians test for COVID-19 in pets?

Yes, but because of the minimal risk, it is not advised that pets be tested for COVID-19 at this time. As of March 15, the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at the College of Veterinary Medicine has the capability to test for the new COVID-19 in pets. The test request must be submitted by a veterinarian and must include the justification for the test. Requests are subsequently sent to the state animal health officer and state public health veterinarian for approval. If the test shows a positive result, the testing officials must be notified prior to the referring veterinarian.

I suspect there is something wrong with my pet. Can I call Blackburn Animal Hospital and have a veterinarian give me a diagnosis over the phone?

Veterinarians are not able to diagnose over the phone. Doing so is not only unethical and illegal, but diagnosing by phone doesn’t allow veterinarians to physically examine the pet. A physical exam is absolutely necessary so your vet can provide an accurate diagnosis and also proper treatment.

My pet is super well trained. Does he/she need to be on a leash or in a carrier when we visit Blackburn Animal Hospital?

For the protection and safety of all our valued clients, patients, and veterinary team members, we request that all pets be restrained on a leash or in a carrier when they arrive at our hospital. They must remain this way until your veterinarian or veterinary technician lets you know when it’s OK to release them.

I brought my pet to see the veterinarian for a problem, and my pet seems to show no improvement. What can I do?

We highly advise you to call us. Our pet doctors occasionally need to try more than just one treatment/medication to find the exact solution for you pet’s condition. Please inform us if your pet is not doing any better after treatment. We will keep working hard to find the best solution for your pet.

Specialist Referrals


Over the past decade or so, we have seen an increasing number of specialist services become available to Ottawa veterinarians. By establishing good working relationships with a number of them, we can sometimes make a phone call to take advantage of their particular knowledge in the case of small but unusual problems. For more difficult problems we will refer you to one of those specialists who has earned our trust and confidence in order to give your pet the optimal chance of cure or control. Specialists are independent practitioners and we have no say about their fees. Our sense of responsibility doesn’t end just because you’ve taken your pet to a specialist. If you find yourself faced with difficult decisions regarding the recommended treatment, please don’t hesitate to ring us. We’ll be pleased to help you evaluate your options.

Great staff event like the Tenth Line location. Diesel loves going there. Dr. Mobarak save my cat Johnny’s life twice at this location. Brought the cat yesterday after years since he needs to be check even if he’s 22. The staff was great with him.

Kaitlin Tropper

This is our go to place for our animals. They are friendly, knowledgeable and are reasonably priced. They listen to the owners and care. What I loved was they give you options and dont arbitrarily offer tests without explaining the potential benefits. Great place… also saved my cats life.

Rodney Nelson

Very nice staff and the doctor was professional and personable. He took the time and answered all of my questions. It was a great experience and I recommend this animal hospital.

Sara Al

Amazing people! Loving, empathetic and caring! I bring all my feline pets and fosters for services at this professional establishment.

Tina Carriere

Always a great experience. The Doctors care so much and are very open and honest. I always feel my dog is in the best hands. I had tired 4 vets before finding Blackburn and will not change.

Suzanne Wannamaker

Very affordable and amazing staff and actually care about your animal, not just another money hungry vet

Ashley Stevens

I have been bringing my two cats here for almost 10 years. The technicians and veterinarians are knowledgeable and kind. Despite moving to the west, I still return here. I appreciate being able to make an appointment on the same day.

Kim F.

Great veterinarian and assistants, great place, very friendly and knows how to deal and calm the pets. It’s great to actually have a vet who loves animals and doesn’t just work there to get paid only. Highly recommended ??

Kathleen-Amanda Beaulieu


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