Allow our veterinarian to help prevent disease with a simple dental visit!

Blackburn Animal Hospital believes in taking preventative measures for your pet’s ultimate health – this includes regular dental visits


Your pet’s dental health is just as important as other medical care received by a veterinarian.  When a pet’s teeth aren’t cared for it will lead to tooth loss, bad breath, potentially serious health complications, and unfortunately a shorter life span. Just like with humans, the two biggest aspects of dental care, are at-home preventative care (so get out that dog toothbrush) and professional routine checkups and cleaning.

By the time they are three years old many pets acquire some sort of periodontal disease, this fact is even more shocking when one realizes that this disease is totally avoidable. The disease begins when bacteria in the mouth combine with leftover food particles and form plaque on the surface of the teeth.

At home, dental care includes regularly brushing (grab that dog toothbrush) your pet’s teeth and even providing them with dental chews or food/water additives.  In a lot of cases, pets require anesthetic dental cleanings, which Blackburn Animal Hospital provides.  Our Ottawa vet uses an advanced ultrasonic dental machine as well as digital dental x-rays to deliver the best possible dental care for our pets.

Please call our facility to schedule a dental assessment with our outstanding veterinarian technician.  This assessment will allow us to determine your pet’s need, as well as provide you a cost estimate for treatment.


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