Allow our emergency vet to come to the rescue!

If your pet has an emergency and needs care immediately, come see us at Blackburn Animal Hospital in Ottawa and we’ll get you right in!


Pet emergencies can include anything from chocolate ingestions to being hit by a car. At Blackburn Animal Hospital, our professional veterinarian and staff are trained to handle any emergency your pet encounters. We are on duty six days a week, and will work our hardest towards saving your pet’s life.

If you feel that your pet needs to be treated immediately, simply call our veterinary team or come in right away to our Ottawa animal hospital. If possible, we recommend you to call before coming in so that a team member can relay important information to our team to better prepare for your pet’s arrival. Keep in mind, you do not require an appointment for our emergency services as we want to give your pet the best chance at living and recovering. Time is of the essence in these emergency situations.

If your pet requires surgery, no problem! Our emergency vet has many years experience performing a wide range of surgical procedures. Anesthesia and pain-management comprise an important part of our surgical protocols.

Rely on our veterinary services in Ottawa for all kinds of urgent care. Our veterinary team consists of highly experienced practitioners who bring a diverse skill set to our department. Their years of experience and expertise have proven beneficial in saving many lives over the years. Our staff and veterinarian in Ottawa are confident to handle a large range of health emergencies for your pet.

If your pet’s condition is not life-threatening, but you feel your pet cannot wait for his/her appointment, our staff and veterinarian will work to accommodate your pet in between our scheduled visitors. Upon arrival, a veterinary team member will advise on how long you may have to wait.


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Talk to our professional team of veterinarians at Ottawa’s Blackburn Animal Hospital.  Ask us a question, receive information & resources, schedule an appointment, come in right away for an emergency – whatever you need, we’re here for you and your pet. 

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