Full wellness care for your pet!

At Blackburn Animal Hospital, we realize that the only way to ensure your pet lives a long healthy life is to provide the top preventive measures and wellness care for them.


Blackburn Animal Hospital wellness recommendations include:

Comprehensive Examinations: This is the most important part of your pet’s health. If diagnosed early, a thorough regular exam can expose conditions that can be treated or managed better.  Our wellness exam allows our pet doctors to provide the best care for your pet.

Pet Vaccinations: Based on your pet’s exposure risk, our experienced veterinarian will happily work with the owner to tailor vaccination recommendations.

Heart worm testing: Over the past years our veterinarian has witnessed the incidence of heart worm. We recommend testing all dogs every year. This potentially serious condition can be tackled by performing a simple and inexpensive test that will allow our Ottawa vet to intervene before it becomes serious.

Internal Parasites: Where we live is an optimal breeding ground for internal parasites.  Performing a regular fecal exam at least every year is important. It enables our pet vet to find an infection before your pet exhibits unfavourable symptoms or other serious issues.  Also, our vet and staff need to relay the message that these parasites can also infect people, and especially children!

Monthly parasite prevention:  To prevent against heart worm, intestinal parasites, fleas, and ticks our animal hospital team offers many safe products for your pet.  These treatments are a must for your pet’s long-term health.  We will communicate with you and assess which product is best for your pet.


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